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Build version 0.9.1 Available now
The link is below. Please make a selection based on the system you have!

v0.9.1 Update details:
--removes music due to bugs and level of annoyance
--Adds Terrain (terrain is based from height map of Blue Ridge Parkway)
--Adds trees, skyline, and sunlight
--Adds gamepad support and control customization (Optional, click here to see how)
--Adjust burden system to a longer delay of decrease, but it decreases much faster
--Bullets now shoot "Mega Man style" meaning three bullets on screen at a time

NOTE: You don't need a Google account to download
To download, click the version you need and click the down arrow as shown below:

When the game downloads, make sure you un-zip the file.
Mac users: your file will appear in your Download folder already un-zipped.

Or, if the download doesn't work or the game is unstable,
The below link will take you to the game's survey.

By downloading the game, you acknowledge this and accept these terms I have laid out. These tests are voluntary, and users know that this game should present no problem upon download. The game does not install itself onto your machine, please know this. You can delete it safely from your machine as soon as you're done. There is no gifts of any kind being offered or solicited and you as the user acknowledge that, if you download this, you are downloading this at your own intention You also agree to not share on social media or any other site. The ownership of this game is held by Tyler Strickland, myself. You may share privately with peers but they must take the survey afterwards.

Thank you!

Previous builds:
--Adds music
--Adds ability to toggle music on main menu and pause menu
--fixes some menu bugs
--lower boss hp from 700 to 500
--Instruction screen more prominent
--adjusts level design slightly
Subpages (1): How to change controls