My name is Tyler Strickland. I am a Computer Science major at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. I am needing user testing for my Senior Project course.
Your participation is greatly needed and appreciated!

Download 0.9.1 now!

So what is the project?

This is a simple 2D Action-plaform game with RPG elements. The twist is that, while you can just defeat enemies as you wish, the platform part of the game will get much harder, as you get heavier. This is what I'm calling the "burden" system and it's accessible through "Hard mode". Enemies will cause your burden to increase as you physically defeat enemies. You get more incentives by solving the trick to defeating them indirectly. At this point, it's a system I am wanting to test out and check if it's a viable system to focus on in the future.

So what kind of game is it?

Well as I said, it's an action-platform game with RPG elements. You'll get XP and, thus, increase your attributes. There are also platforming elements.

What do I need to test the game?

A computer is pretty much all you need. Part of my testing is performance based so any kind of computer will do. The program will only run on certain systems though. The game will not install itself to the system; all you need to do is download, un-zip the files, double-click, and click when the prompt comes up. 

System suggestions:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.6+
  • Linux: Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian based OS

Can I share this?

Please do not share on social media or any other site. The ownership of this game is held by Tyler Strickland, myself. I can't see anybody who would want to, but don't share it on YouTube or take screenshots of any kind. You can share with other peers but they must take the survey afterwards.

Is there anything for me?

I would love to give you something, but I have nothing to give but my gratitude. There is no monetary gift or gifts of any kind being offered or solicited in any manner. By downloading the game, you acknowledge this and accept these terms I have laid out. These tests are voluntary, and users know that this game should present no problem upon download. The game does not install itself onto your machine, please know this. You can delete it safely from your machine as soon as you're done.  Thank you!